I’m Stephen Henderson and I’m a law prof, currently the Judge Haskell A. Holloman Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma.

If you are thinking about applying to law school, you might see my thoughts here. Similarly, if you are heading to law school, I have some recommendations on preparation. (Both of these were written in 2024, as I’ve had kids go through the process.)

If you are interested in criminal law and/or procedure, I have written three textbooks appropriate for either the law school classroom or self-study.

If you are a professor considering textbook adoption more generally, you can consult spreadsheets of offerings, including contact information so you can communicate with authors.

Professors or other educators can also access the Crimprof Multipedia where, since 2009, I’ve built a categorized, searchable database of multimedia materials for those teaching criminal law and procedure. Or you can learn about the Listserv where criminal law profs ask questions and share ideas.

Any questions about any of that—or something else—just drop me a line.

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